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Bill Ferrell III, President & CEO of ASI Consultants & Associates is responsible for the Training, Growth, Vision and Leadership of his company as it spans across nationally and internationally. Mr. Ferrell brings more than twenty-seven (27) years of real world experience in law enforcement, security, Executive Protection and Bodyguard Training. Phone 954-621-7114

Jun 062014
South Florida Private Investigator?

South Florida Private Investigator

There are numerous private investigation agencies within the State of Florida. If you are looking for private investigation services in the South Florida area, you should have no problem in locating one. But, you might have a hard time trying to decide which agency to hire because of the wide range of options to choose from.

Before hiring any private investigator or investigation agency, you should have some knowledge on how to choose an authentic private investigator.

o Verify that Agency or Investigator in Licensed in the State of Florida

o Check the qualification of the Agency / Owner

o Check the on-line resume regarding the Owner

o Check the qualification of the Investigator

o Verify the cost in order to avoid any hidden cost later

By checking these five (5) points of concern, you will be able to make an educated decision on which investigation agency to hire.

If for any other reason you want to know more about South Florida Private Investigation Agencies or Investigators, it is advisable that you log onto the internet and browse. You can also visit the Florida Department of Licensing at to look up any agency and confirm that the agency license is current. If you are in need of a South Florida Private Investigator, please contact us at or by phone at (954) 621-7114

Jun 042014
Bodyguard Services

Bodyguard Services

Who may want to hire a bodyguard?
Advance Solution Investigations, Inc. (ASI) understands that there are many professions in the world that we live in today that could acquire the services of a professional bodyguard. At ASI we have clients like bank managers, lawyers, VIPs, celebrities, corporate executives and their families, religious leaders, doctors, witnesses, journalists, government leaders as well as any person whose life may be at risk.

What is the difference between a security guard and a professional bodyguard?
A professional bodyguard and a security guard are two very different types of professionals. A security guard performs the procedures of “low” level security. Things like providing security at a shopping center, a car parking lot, or a nightclub, for example. This is where the security level is low and there is low likelihood or risk of people being in harmed. Our Florida Bodyguard Agents are highly trained and skilled in high-level security. These agents are trained professionals who are ready and willing to provide security that relates to people’s lives. A security guard has nowhere close to the level of training as a professional bodyguard. Professional bodyguards, on the other hand, are trained to perform the highest level of security. They are trained in everything from Advanced Weapons Disarming, Anti-Ambush Procedures and Anti-Terrorism, to psychology, which is used in Immediate Psychological assessment to determine whether an approaching person is going to be a threat or not to a client. These operatives are trained to deal with any security situation.

Who is the bodyguard?
Most clients seek professional bodyguards with a high level of experience and training, as they are employing a person whom will be providing security protection for their life. Most often, if the client is from a professional organization, they will expect the same level of professionalism from the bodyguard agency. Celebrities seeking bodyguards, seek operatives who are professional, well-presented, well-spoken and fit. They require bodyguards who don’t stand out in the crowd and who blend in with their surroundings.

The typical background of a professional bodyguard is usually that of Military, Government Security or Law Enforcement, where they have gained the necessary knowledge of high-level security. If you are in need of a South Florida Bodyguard Services, please contact us for more information.

May 212013
C2 Taser Certification

C2 Taser Certification

Over the past several months I have received phone calls and or emails questioning why ASI Executive Protection Training Academy requires all bodyguard students to be certified in Taser.

One must look at my 27-years as a professional Law Enforcement Officer having worked with one of the best State Law Enforcement Agency in the United States. Having said that, training and technology has changed over the years and more officers are being saved because of their education in the field of their profession, knowledge in the area of what tools are available to them, discipline in knowing how to handle situations and as a professional bodyguard being mentally prepared for anything.

As I have said before, training in martial arts is not a tool that is required to be a professional bodyguard although there is no problem with someone having knowledge of it.

Carrying a concealed firearm in the performance of your duties I believe is a requirement when it comes to being “EP Ready” as I like to call it. However; please keep in mind that a firearm is used for “Deadly Force”. You don’t shoot to wound nor does one fire warning shots to escape and seek a safe haven.

I have studied many videos depicting bodyguards going hands on with a suspect all while having their client within the target area and exposed to being injured. At ASI Executive Protection Training Academy, our students are taught the “Art of Executive Protection” from a non-contact and avoidance technique. My training and experience tells me that, being educated, smart and well trained is how a professional bodyguard handles different situations.

This is where the C2-Taser Certification Training comes into play. A professional bodyguard who is carrying a concealed secondary weapon (C2-Taser) who encounters an escalating situation while walking with his client can revert to stopping the suspect without the use of deadly force. In deploying the C2-Taser, the bodyguard does not go hands on with the suspect, does not leave the side of his client and can seek a safe haven location all within 30-seconds.

The practical side of C2-Taser Training at ASI is designed to prep and prepare the student for possible court testimony in the event the C2-Taser is deployed and it does not stop the suspect and because of this deadly force was used.

You see without the proper training and practical knowledge, one could not explain the effects from a hit of the C2-Taser.

For more information on ASI Executive Protection Training Academy visit us at

Feb 252013

Bill FerrellBeing an athlete or martial arts expert and attending executive protection training does not make an individual a “Executive Protection Specialist“ or qualify an individual to become an instructor and mislead their students.

One who has attained the title “Executive Protection Specialist” is one who over many years in the industry has received some of the following:

  1. A wide-range of training in the art of executive protection
  2. Continuing education and training in the field of Executive Protection
  3. Proven record of working with other executive protection specialist in the industry
  4. Proven record of working protection details for both high and low profile clients

So what does this mean for you as the reader? It is as plain as day… Most Executive Protection Specialist and Instructors fit well within the scope of the items listed above. It is the few who for their own personal reasons have setup shop and gave themselves a title, which has not been and cannot be earned by merely attending executive protection training.

If you are seeking professional executive protection training from a reputable school please follow the protocol below:

  1. Seek information about the company which should be listed on their web-site
  2. Seek information about the instructor which should be listed on their web-site
  3. Click-on their “about us” link to learn about the their experiences and accreditations
  4. Check for a time-line (career) in the Art of Executive Protection
  5. Be cautious of additional offers they may use to draw you in, i.e. marital arts memberships, etc.
  6. Check and read messages which may be posted by the owner of the company
  7. If you cannot find this information seek a reputable school
Feb 142013
Who is a Qualified Executive Protection Instructor

Who is a Qualified Executive Protection Instructor?

Being a professional Executive Protection Instructor is an electrifying and fulfilling career if you are qualified with the proper credentials. Being the biggest Martial Art or MMA instructor working from the confinements of your studio does not give you the right to teach, pretend to teach or advertise yourself as an Executive Protection Specialist.

Having a dream of becoming a Professional Executive Protection Bodyguard is normally where most qualified instructors first began their careers. It wasn’t the fact that they attended one or two schools and then became experts. It did not happen for them over night nor did it occur within a 12-month period of time.

No, this process took many years of painstaking work, while working alongside multiple agencies to include Federal, State and local officials.

So, the question is “Are you really qualified” to teach as an Executive Protection Instructor or are you misleading your students?

Feb 112013
ep instructor vs martial arts instructor

EP Instructor vs Martial Arts Instructor

As questions, comments, phone call and inquires have noted, there are several individuals representing themselves as qualified Executive Protection (EP) Instructors for EP Schools. Many of these individuals who some may have a martial arts or MMA background now feel they are qualified to advertise and instruct courses on Executive Protection.

Although many of these individuals may have a very well qualified background in the martial arts as instructors, this does not qualify an individual to properly train or instruct students for executive protection.

Bottom Line, if you are in search of a qualified Executive Protection School or Instructor, please do your research on the school and instructors background and experience in the industry.

As a student you may be surprised what you find or actually do not find regarding an individual or schools history or character when it comes to Executive Protection Training.

Feb 102013
Executive-Protection and Martial-Arts

Executive-Protection and Martial-Arts

First, as a student you should know the background of the lead instructor. It would be very important for you to know that your lead instructor is highly qualified with an extensive career in Executive Protection / Bodyguard through either military or law enforcement training. A lead instructor attending an Executive Protection / Bodyguard Training School and having a background in martial arts does not qualify the individual to teach and Executive Protection course.

Secondly, When seeking to select the “Best” Executive Protection / Bodyguard Training School, please make sure you conduct a thorough website review of the Instructor, the school and the course being offered. Many times this can be found on the schools website through their informational “About Us” page.

If there is no information about the owner and/or the lead instructor as it relates to Executive Protection/Bodyguard Training experience, you should seek a reputable school that is qualified and is experienced in the Art of Executive Protection.

Jan 212013
Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

We are specialists in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). Bug-Sweeping telephone lines for wiretaps and bugs (wiretap detection techniques), and bug-sweeping your meeting areas and conference rooms using the latest state of the art electronic sweeping equipment is our specialty. Our ASI Protection Team is experienced and professional, discreet and thorough.

If there is ANY REASON you feel you are the target of an eavesdropping device, contact us now (954) 621-7114 Email:

We take seriously the security and safety you deserve in your private lives and business dealings. Hidden cameras, surveillance devices, listening and eavesdropping devices can be planted in any home or business without your knowledge. Our ASI TSCM Team travels anywhere in the state of Florida and throughout the United States and the Caribbean providing surveillance countermeasures. Spy equipment in your home or business can be devastating to you financially and to your personal and professional well being. We will detect and remove any and all spy gadgets.

If you are unsure whether or not you could be the target of an eavesdropping device, please contact us now. We can explain a few of the basic warning signs which indicate that there could be an eavesdropping device being used in your home, business, car, etc.

Electronic harassment can be stopped in its tracks.


Jan 182013

In today’s ever changing high tech world, more and more instances of people and businesses are falling prey to electronic bugs or video surveillance. These intrusions can be very costly personally and financially to persons and businesses alike. Our ASI team of experts can provide you with an extensive and thorough check of your home and/or business to detect  these hidden spy cameras/spy gadgets/listening devices that invade your privacy.

Call ASI Protection at 954-752-7158.

Jan 162013

ASI Executive Protection Training Academy will be hosting a “Close-Door” 3-day Executive Protection (Church Bodyguard) Training Class February 15-17, 2013. The 3-day training class has been in the workings for approximately 6-months and it is now set to start. Opaque Security is a Florida base Security Company located in the Central Florida area and is owned and operated by President Craig Dixon, who is a former Alumni of ASI Executive Protection Training Class-ASI-04-023-10.


There are twelve students all who have been in training for the past 3-months. Each is seeking to obtain their “Sheep-Dog” (Church Bodyguard) Certification once they have successfully completed the 3-day training here at ASI Executive Protection Training Academy.



For more information, please visit or give them a call at 302-566-5482