Electronic Bug Detection

Bug Detection

Bug Detection


Our agents will make use of only the most advance Electronic Bug Detection Services equipment available when performing sweeps in an effort to identify various types of video and audio interception devices.

Could you just imagine what others are finding out about you and your personal life or business?

Could you just imagine your phone being tapped?

Could you just imagine your home or office is being watched by hidden video or cameras?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, DO NOT call or e-mail us from a phone or area that you think may be under electronic surveillance.

Our agents will complete a physical search within each cubicle and adjacent area. We will also inspect the ceilings, ventilation ducts, plants, wall decorations, furniture and interior surfaces, etc.

Our Electronic Bug Detection can help with:

  • If You Suspect That You May Be The Victim of  Eavesdropping…
  • telephone bugs
  • electronic bug detection
  • wiretap bug detection devices
  • bug detection devices
  • handheld bug detection unit
  • bug and wiretap detection
  • bug detection equipment
  • bug sweep detection
  • bug detection and countermeasures
  • rf bug detection
  • security and bug detection devices

 If you need an Electronic Bug Detection (Sweep), please contact ASI Investigations now!

**If for any reason you think that law enforcement has you under surveillance, please contact someone else, at ASI Investigations Inc., we will not be able to assist you.

Bug Detection

Bug Detection

As you may already be aware, many devices could be purchased over the internet for under $400.00. Don’t be fooled by the sale. Let our trained agents utilize their professional equipment to give you the most accurate and professional results available. If you are in Florida and need Bug Detection Services, Contact us now so we can help!

At ASI our Florida Bug Detection Agents will roll-out the most current state-of-the-art equipment and begin performing radio frequency spectrum searches, covering the frequency spectrum between 10 KHz and 3.0 GHz. Agents will also be inspecting the area with an Electro-viewer in an effort to detect covert infrared and laser transmissions. Additionally, a broadband receiver intended to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices up to the 12 GHz level will be utilized.

Selected telephone lines and power lines will be examined for carrier existing devices with high tech Telephone Analyzers. The operators’ procedure regarding telephone line analysis and instrument analysis are on premise exercises that identify attacks against predetermined telephones or telephone lines. The areas telephone instruments will also be surveyed, to determine if the systems’ electronic sets provide the appropriate digital output to the “system” for processing and whether the telecommunication seems to have adequate safeguards.

Additionally, other instruments and equipment will be used, which will provide a capability to detect hidden electronic devices, regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned on at all.

At ASI our agents will complete a physical search within each cubicle and adjacent area. We will also inspect the ceilings, ventilation ducts, plants, wall decorations, furniture and interior surfaces, etc.

Audio Countermeasures are usually conducted because of the following:

  • Evidence left behind by burglars
  • Evidence left behind by intruders
  • Suspicion that personal or business conversations are being intercepted
  • Suspicion of existence of a listening device
  • Noise of the telephone lines
  • Information leaks
  • Unsolicited telephone repairman visits

Eavesdropping Detection

If You Suspect That You May Be The Victim of Covert Eavesdropping?

Be careful what you say at home or at the office, and never discuss your concerns inside, outside, or near any suspected area. If you need to discuss the issue with someone, DON’T discuss it at your home, in your vehicle or at your office.  If you are in Florida and need Eavesdropping Detection, contact us now so we can help!

If you are going to call for assistance, don’t call from any phone near your office, or your residence. Instead call from a randomly selected pay phone several miles away for the initial contact (pay phones at hospitals, airports, large hotels, train stations, and other large public areas are a good choice).

Private telephones in the homes of senior executives are a popular and valuable targets for an eavesdropper, so do not call from home.

Never call from any type of cordless phone, cellular telephone, PCS phone, or any other type of wireless device.

Never trust any type of spread spectrum telephone or fax machine line as they are very easy to monitor.

If you are in Florida and are in need of our Eavesdropping Detection Services, please contact ASI Consultants and Associates now!

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