Bodyguard Training for the Republican National Convention


Welcome to ASI’s Ft Lauderdale RNC security training page. ASI and our strategic partners understand the importance of training, ethics and commitments when it comes to selection and opportunity in the Security World.



The 3-day training class will be held at the ASI’s Executive Protection Academy, 2400 Cypress Creek Rd, Suite 132 – 134, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309


We have made arrangements for those students who will be traveling outside the Ft. Lauderdale area, at the Town Place Suites, 3100 Prospect Rd, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309 (954) 484 2214.  Please mention ASI Bodyguard Training, for special price.


As you are aware the 2012 Republican National Convention will be hosted in Tampa, Florida beginning August 27, 2012 through August 30, 2012. With the eyes of the world focused on the city of Tampa, security for City Public Officials and Political Dignitaries will be a top priority. Therefore, professionally trained and licensed bodyguards will be a necessity for this event. As other security companies throughout the United States prepare for this special event, Florida Class “A” and Class “B” companies are now seeking Class “C” and Class “D” professionally trained personnel in the private Sector.

Recently, we have met with several Florida Class “A” Private Investigation Agencies in and around the Tampa Bay area to discuss the prerequisites that an individual must have in order to be considered for a position as an Executive bodyguard during this event. It was determined that ALL Executive bodyguards for this event would need to show the following prior to any consideration:

  • Licensed as a Class “A” Agency and or Class “C” Private Investigator or
  • Licensed as a Class “CC” Intern Private Investigator or
  • Licensed as a Class “D” Security Officer and min 4 years of Military service
  • Licensed as a Class “G” State Firearm
  • Licensed as a CCW or
  • Licensed as a HR-218 Federal Rule
  • Must have trained under a Reputable Bodyguard Training School
  • All Training School Instructors must be former Law Enforcement Officers and must have at least 7 years of documented Executive Protection Experience
  • Must not have any prior criminal convictions or felonies

Our Certified Instructors are retired veteran State Law Enforcement Troopers from the New Jersey State Police and the Florida Highway Patrol with a combined total of fifty (50) years of public service as well as extensive knowledge in the field of Executive Protection and Personal Protection. To learn more about our instructor’s please visit us at

As you can see, Bodyguard Training for the 2012 National Convention is nothing less than paramount, when considering the type of client(s) one would be coming in contact with. Therefore, we are only looking for professionals who are the best of the best.

If you meet the above prerequisites and would like to be reviewed for Executive bodyguard opportunities for the 2012 National Convention, please consider the following:

  • Submission of Resume
  • Total cost for the 3 day Executive bodyguard training is $499.00
  • Seats for these classes will be limited to 12 (twelve) students per class

Once you have met all of the prerequisites, your name and bio will be entered into a Bodyguard Database for Opportunities during the 2012 National Convention

If you are serious about the duties and responsibilities of being a professional Bodyguard, please contact us via email at or by phone at 954-621-7114.

Disclaimer: Upon completion of attending our 3 Day Executive Bodyguard Course you will receive an Executive Bodyguard Course Completion Certification.  Attendance and completion at our 3 Day Executive Bodyguard course at either our Ft. Lauderdale or Tampa Locations does guarantee your name placed in our preferred Executive Bodyguard Database but does not guarantees of job placements for this or any other event.

Bill Ferrell

Bill Ferrell III, President & CEO of ASI Consultants & Associates is responsible for the Training, Growth, Vision and Leadership of his company as it spans across nationally and internationally. Mr. Ferrell brings more than twenty-seven (27) years of real world experience in law enforcement, security, Executive Protection and Bodyguard Training. Phone 954-621-7114