August 27-29 2010 Female Executive Protection Training Class

August 27-29, 2010 Female Executive Protection Training Class

August 27-29, 2010 Female Executive Protection Training Class

Female Executive Protection Training Class Graduation

Female Executive Protection Training Class Graduation

3-Day Executive Protection Training Class

ASI offers a top notch Executive Protection Training School that is packed with every aspect of Bodyguard & Executive Protection Training. New to the industry this was a complete eye opening experience and well worth the cost.

The experience and education gained in the classroom, in the field and on the actual detail, was something I cannot put a price tag on.

ASI will give you everything you need and more to help you get started, or advance your existing career. The instructors will teach you the nuts and bolts of the industry.

Mr. Ferrell’s integrity to his clients is obvious, and he encourages his students to have the same. If you are looking for affordable training in the Bodyguard Industry based on solid training principles, I highly recommend giving ASI a serious look.

EPA – Nichola

Mr. Ferrell, another amazing security detail… I have learned a lot of new executive protection strategies that I will always take with me as I journey through my career.

Thank you for allowing me this amazing opportunity to training with ASI again and I really look forward to learning all I can to better myself in the executive protection field.

EPA – Trennia

To my # 1 Team

Bill Ferrell and Loren Weinberg

Being lead by you has been an honor and very rewarding during the past three days. I have learned so much and I am very eager to learn so much more from ASI.

Bill, your knowledge, experience and being humble in a true fashion has made you a great teacher. I would be so proud to recommend your school “ASI” to anyone who is looking to start a career in the Executive Protection Field.

EPA – Laurie

Bill Ferrell

Bill Ferrell III, President & CEO of ASI Consultants & Associates is responsible for the Training, Growth, Vision and Leadership of his company as it spans across nationally and internationally. Mr. Ferrell brings more than twenty-seven (27) years of real world experience in law enforcement, security, Executive Protection and Bodyguard Training. Phone 954-621-7114