March 19-21 2010 Executive Protection Training Class #A-20-13


March 19-21 2010 Executive Protection Training Class #A-20-13 Bill, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to take your course. I loved it! Between your knowledge, enthusiasm, and teaching skills you make learning exciting. People don’t learn by being told. They learn by actually putting hands-on. Your senior instructor Lenny was inspiring, and has amazing passion and dedication to you and ASI Consultants & Associates. Mr. Ferrell and Lenny are down to earth non-egotistical people / friends. I went in the class with an open mind and really wanted to learn. You offered it. I want more of your training. I’d definitely recommend your training class to another fellow executive protection member.
B/G Steve

Mr. Ferrell the class was great. I want to thank you and Lenny for everything you guys taught me. B/G Ryan

Mr. Ferrell, I want to thank you for allowing both Frank and myself the opportunity to attend your 3-day executive protection training class. You and your instructor were great! Personally, I really do appreciate the fact that you Mr. Ferrell in your own way helped me to find ways to boost my confident and understand myself as a female in the executive protection industry. We are looking forward in attending your upcoming Advanced Courses in the very near future.
B/G Nelly

Mr. Ferrell, having been in law enforcement for over ten years working special assignments with local, state and federal law enforcement, I was very impressed with you as a person, business owner and the wealth of knowledge you have in the Executive Protection World. Your senior instructor Lenny was great! His personal knowledge and practical experience is unheard of. You are the best.
B/G Frank

I felt that this class was “Top Notch” and has taught me a lot about the Executive Protection Industry. The formation drills were excellent. In fact, it was really helpful during the live security detail on Sunday, when our team was working with the client in the field. What really made the course for me were the different teaching styles of Mr. Ferrell and his senior instructor Lenny. They both have so much to offer in the field of executive and personal protection. Lenny was very informative and I felt blessed to have been a part of his training class. I am looking forward in returning to ASI for additional training in the future. The training and knowledge I gained from Mr. Ferrell has given me more confident in both my private and professional life.
B/G Mike

ASI, I am totally grateful to you for the opportunity given to me. Given my experience, I found myself to be a green-pea. Mr. Ferrell and his senior instructor have shown me their passion for the Art. I call it the Art because they create a masterpiece out of nothing. I am blessed to have crossed path with Mr. Ferrell and Lenny because I truly believe they have made an impact in my personal and career life. I will take a lot of knowledge with me tonight and yet, I’m still hungry for more. I not only see Mr. Ferrell and Lenny as mentors but as friends as well.
B/G Sandy

Mr. Ferrell, thank you and Lenny for the training course. It was great! I have learned so much in the past 3-days and I will always grateful to you, Lenny and ASI. The hands-on training and working with the client on Sunday was the best.
B/G Alex

Mr. Ferrell, the training was much more impressive than I had expected. Thank you and Lenny for all your help.
B/G Caleb

Bill, as a 1st timer in this type of intense training course, all I can say is “WOW”. Although this 3-day executive protection training course does not cover everything, I was truly overwhelmed by the knowledge and experience of you and senior instructor Lenny. The live security detail with the client on Sunday was awesome!
B/G Jesse

Mr. Ferrell, you and your senior instructor Lenny were great! The class was well placed and your knowledge and experience is out of this World. Thank you, and please keep up the good work.
B/G Jakie

Mr. Ferrell, I fully enjoyed and appreciate all the work that you and Lenny put into the class. I have learned so much about executive protection among so many other things. Just in the way the class was taught, you could see your knowledge and experience as one were able to relate it to us as students.
B/G Brian

Mr. Ferrell, the executive protection class was better than I had imaged and hoped for. Whether an expert or just entering the executive protection field, this class will teach you something new. Senior Instructor Lenny was great! He is an excellent teacher with great knowledge, patience, and understanding. I only wish the 3-day training would have been a little longer. I am looking forward in the upcoming Advanced Training Class
B/G Loren

Mr. Ferrell, I wanted to thank you for all your time, patience and expertise during the E.P. training. Your E.P. course was more interactive than I originally expected. For me visual learning is good, but the hands on learning/training put the book concepts in motion. Later in the year I hope to return with my wife, for a training/get-away weekend. My wife works with me in the business, but more in an administrative roll, I need to get her doing more field work, and I think your course will be good fundamental training for her. I will be reviewing my notes and applying some of the ASI concepts into my regular business practices. I will be interested or ready for the advanced class in the fall.
B/G Cam

Bill Ferrell

Bill Ferrell III, President & CEO of ASI Consultants & Associates is responsible for the Training, Growth, Vision and Leadership of his company as it spans across nationally and internationally. Mr. Ferrell brings more than twenty-seven (27) years of real world experience in law enforcement, security, Executive Protection and Bodyguard Training. Phone 954-621-7114