March 26-27 2010 Advanced Executive Protection Class


MARCH 26-27, 2010 ADVANCED EXECUTIVE PROTECTION TRAINING CLASS Mr. Ferrell, the advanced executive protection training class was outstanding! This class was very hands-on which allowed for each student to be on top of their game.
B/G Brian

Awesome! I am going to come back for more. The advanced executive protection course was very informative as were the hands-on exercises and different scenarios. The class was great!
B/G Steve

I was looking forward to the advanced executive protection training class all week and I was glad I did not have to wait any longer for it! This class truly brought the team (students) together and pushed our abilities even further than before.

I whole heartedly recommend this training to anybody with or without bodyguard experience as you will learn something for this instructor. Mr. Ferrell we are always ready to learn more for you…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done in teaching not just me but my fellow student(s) in the art and advanced training of executive protection.
B/G Loren

The advanced training class was so much more and it was at such a higher level than I expected. The hands-on exercises prepared us for future E/P and security job(s) in the real World as we know it today. It was the leadership skills and experience of Mr. Ferrell that made it special for all of us. Mr. Ferrell is a person that I look up too and admire because of his professionalism, respect and knowledge in the field of Executive Protection. I highly recommend Mr. Ferrell’s Advance Executive Protection Training Class to all that is seeking or is already working in the security industry.
B/G Sandy

Mr. Ferrell, I can’t begin to thank you for the knowledge and experience I’ve received from you regarding your 3-day executive protection training and most recently the advanced executive protection training class. Watching and observing you work with us during the live security exercise on South Beach was truly amazing. Your knowledge and experience was felt and noted as I stood side-by-side with you. Thank you sir for removing all my fears!
B/G Nelly

Mr. Ferrell, I have gained such much experience from the advanced executive protection training within the past 2-days, I acclaim it all because of you. I truly believe because of your passion for teaching you have developed such a unique way of reaching all levels of student(s) in the executive protection field. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
B/G Frank

Mr. Ferrell, thank you for the advanced executive protection training class and your professional critiquing of me. I have great respect for you and your knowledge and background in the Executive Protection Industry.
B/G Mike

The advanced executive protection training class was more than expected, but so worth it. The live security detail on South Beach was a great hands-on experience and one that I will never forget. Thank you
B/G Ryan

Bill Ferrell

Bill Ferrell III, President & CEO of ASI Consultants & Associates is responsible for the Training, Growth, Vision and Leadership of his company as it spans across nationally and internationally. Mr. Ferrell brings more than twenty-seven (27) years of real world experience in law enforcement, security, Executive Protection and Bodyguard Training. Phone 954-621-7114